"With the support of my family, I would like to announce that I am seeking election as District Judge for the parishes of Livingston, Tangipahoa, and St. Helena.  With 18 years of actual courtroom experience practicing both civil and criminal law, I have what it takes to be the type of judge that our district needs and deserves.  I am a conservative Republican and I believe in the Constitution.  If elected, I will use the knowledge and skills that I have obtained to treat every case and each individual with respect, dignity, and fairness."

                                                                                                                                              William Scott Dykes



Election Day
  •      Polls open from 6am to 8pm

OCTOBER 20 - 27, 2020

Early voting begins on Tuesday, October 20th and ends on Tuesday, October 27th (except Sunday, October 25th)

  • 8:30am - 6:00pm

  • Go to your local Registrar of Voters to vote early.

Click here to find your registration status and polling place.

  • You can also call 1-225-922-0900, although, the website is much faster.


Click here if you need to register to vote.

  • You may register to vote online, in person, or by mail.  

  • The deadline to register to vote online (for this election) is October 13, 2020.  The deadline to register to vote in person or by mail is October 5, 2020.

  • If you choose to register in person, click here to find the location and contact information of the 'Registrar of Voters' for your parish.

Seeking election as District Judge in the parishes of Livingston, St. Helena, and Tangipahoa is costly, especially during a pandemic when fundraising opportunities are limited or not possible.  Signs, banners (news), ads, billboards, mailers, videos, promotional items, etc., are just a few of the necessary items needed to compete in a race such as this one. 
If you can and would like to donate to William's campaign, please know that any amount will be greatly appreciated. In fact, a lot of small donations are more important than a handful of large ones.  
You can donate via Venmo (username: votewilliamscottdykes).  Or, you can write a check to "Campaign to Elect William Scott Dykes'" and mail it to 9 Silman Avenue in Hammond, La. 70401.  Whichever method you choose, please be sure to include your 'address' for recording purposes.  
Thanks in advance for your help!

With over 100,000 voters to reach between now and November, we need your help.  Please support William by placing a small (18x24 in) sign in your yard.  If you own a spot in a high-traffic area and would like a large sign (3x6 ft, 4x8 ft), it would be very much appreciated.  

For sign(s) of any size, please call or text Heather Dykes at 985-969-4815 to make arrangements.  We will deliver your sign and set it up for you.  *** After last year's election, William's signs were removed within 2 weeks.  We will strive to do the same this year. 


© June 2020 by the Campaign to Elect William Scott Dykes. Photo by Sarah Schwartz Photography.