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  • MOST-EXPERIENCED CANDIDATE (18 years of actual courtroom experience) 

  • ONLY CANDIDATE with extensive experience practicing both civil and criminal law

  • ONLY CANDIDATE who has handled thousands of FELONY cases, as well as thousands of misdemeanor cases

  • ONLY CANDIDATE who has chosen 12-member juries for criminal jury trials

  • TOWN ATTORNEY for Killian 

  • MAGISTRATE for Springfield

  • A hard-working, down-to-earth family man with CONSERVATIVE values

  • William has spent a significant amount of time in the courtrooms of Livingston, Tangipahoa, and St. Helena parishes handling felony criminal cases.  Due to his extensive experience practicing criminal law, William knows when to be compassionate and when to be firm.

"A district court judge spends the majority of his/her time handling 

criminal matters.  Extensive knowledge and experience in criminal law is essential to ensure just and fair results."

                                                                                    -  William Scott Dykes

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© June 2020 by the Campaign to Elect William Scott Dykes. Photo by Sarah Schwartz Photography.