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  • CHRISTIAN-CONSERVATIVE-REPUBLICAN who believes in the U.S. Constitution, strongly supports the Second Amendment, and is Pro-Life

  • The candidate who cares about PEOPLE, not power or politics.

  • MOST-EXPERIENCED CANDIDATE (18 years of actual courtroom experience) 

  • ONLY CANDIDATE with extensive experience practicing both CIVIL and CRIMINAL law

  • ONLY CANDIDATE who has handled thousands of FELONY cases, as well as thousands of misdemeanor cases

  • ONLY CANDIDATE who has chosen 12-member juries for criminal jury trials

  • TOWN ATTORNEY for Killian 

  • MAGISTRATE for Springfield

  • ONLY CANDIDATE who has handled almost every type of case that would come before a district court judge

  • An HONEST, hard-working, down-to-earth family man with  Christian and Conservative values

"Most law-abiding citizens believe they will never end up in court or have to go before a judge. The truth is anyone can find themselves in court for a number of different reasons. You, a friend, or a family member may be a victim or a witness, or you may have a civil matter that requires a court appearance. Whatever the issue, everyone deserves a district judge with not only knowledge of the law, but with wisdom that can only come from extensive experience practicing law for many years.   


Due to practicing both civil and criminal law in the courtrooms of the 21st JDC for the past 18 years, I have the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that is essential to ensure just and fair results. 

                                                                                                  -  William Scott Dykes

Why Vote For William Scott Dykes?

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